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Digital Product School connects digital professionals with businesses who then work together on real-world problems in a positive environment.


We are Europe’s most successful training program for cross-functional teams who want to learn how to build digital products. We foster a progressive start-up environment. Instead of deliberating, we learn by taking action. While solving real challenges we apply the latest tech and methods.

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We are trusted by forward thinking industry partners

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“Our idea was to use the knowledge of our experts [...] and find a team outside the company with digital expertise not only to check if we were on the right track but to help us technically to develop the right tools and execute.”

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Marc Matalx, CFO

Pfaff, Munich

Logo Pfaff Werkzeug- und Formenbau

Here we find a booming ecosystem of top talents, academic institutions, corporates, networks, and startups. Indeed, it is clear to me that product innovation is best generated with partners.

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Stefan Wagner

Managing Director SAP LabsMunich

Us in a nutshell

How it works

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We offer a three month intense internship and training experience.

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We bring together diverse, cross-functional and autonomous product teams to solve real world challenges set by our industry partners.

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We use the latest tech and up-to-date working methods in an inspiring environment.

What you get

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Solve real world challenges whithin a team.

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Gain relevant experience to start your career in the tech industry.

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Apply the latest tech and methods on a real project.

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Expand your network and connect with like-minded people.

Want to level up your skills with a real job experience?

Batch#22 - Sep. 9 to Nov. 29, 2024
Applications closed

Batch#23 - March 10 to May 30, 2025
Applications open until Dec. 4, 2024

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