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The Digital Product School connects digital professionals with businesses who then work together on real world problems in a positive environment.

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Why Digital Product School

We enable companies to successfully build digital products while at the same time work on challenges that face real product development by applying best in class innovation techniques.

Let’s overcome the challenges of today’s world

In today’s world it is getting harder for businesses to make long-term plans for the future. Our environment is changing faster than ever. What was valid yesterday can be obsolete today. We are living in a world of VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguitiy. In this world established processes and procedures may not lead us to the same commercial success anymore. So, we must change too and adjust the way we approach and do business.

To fulfill our mission, we want companies:

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To succeed.

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Have access to the right tools and methods.

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Have access to skilled international talents.

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Make impact in Germany's tech industry

Team composition with Product Manager, Software Engineer, AI Engineer and Interaction Designer

An autonomous product team can act like a lean start-up and has all the skills to validate new business ideas quickly.

We hire talented people, graduates and students from all over the world to work exclusively as one team on your challenge.

We pick the best in class elements from proven product innovation techniques:

Design thinking

comes first: acquiring a clear understandings of the user's pains, desires, needs and workarounds. We jump into the shoes of our taget personas and create solutions these individuals will love.

Agile mindset

makes us staying close to the users, reacting on new insights and learnings, enabling the team to work effectively and goal-oriented.

Lean start-up

equals managing risks and assumptions, starting experiments and always striving to create a strong value proposition while serving the customer as quickly as possible.

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Your product innovation journey follows a proven format from discovery to launch.

Innovation process chart from discovery to launch

The team learns and uses best-practice to discover unknown user problems and falsify the riskiest assumptions.

The team utilizes its diverse background to come up with innovative product ideas and validates them by methodically running experiments.

Once the experiments suggest to move forward with an idea, the team then builds a Minimal Viable Product in order to gain richer insights.

Here are some key facts

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Solve a real challenge

A cross-functional team will work exclusively on your specific challenge for three months in fulltime. Fresh concepts guaranteed.

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Access to talents

The team is composed of a range of international talents. The individuals are close to finishing higher education and are ready to start their careers in the tech industry.

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Solution with business impact

The team will explore and validate solution ideas. Creating value for users and/or customers is fundamental for later commercial success.

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Learning from and with each other

Working closely with the product team gives hands-on insight and experience about how to master product development challenges in a dynamic environment. We utilize state-of-the-art tech and tools.

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We are trusted by forward thinking industry partners

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Success stories

Develop solutions that solve today challenges.

As an autonomous team, you will take over the responsibility and opportunity of solving a current challenge brought to us by an industry partner. They will trust you to bring a promissing idea to live.

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We are part of Europe’s largest ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation


Europe’s leading center for innovation and business creation is a unique platform for the development of innovations. Through the systematic matching of talents, technologies, capital and customers UnternehmerTUM actively identifies and initiates new businesses. A team of more than 300 employees support the successful journey of entrepreneurship and innovation - from training to venture capital.

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Entrepreneurship Center

UnternehmerTUM's main office is located in the Entrepreneurship Center of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the research campus in Garching. With more than 12,000 students in five faculties and hundrets of scientists, the campus is the largest of all TUM locations.

The Entrepreneurship Center is also home to the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute, whose research findings directly impact the promotion of entrepreneurship. It also accommodates the high-tech prototyping workshop MakerSpace and the café Herr Lichtenberg.

World-class research institutes such as the Max Planck Institutes, the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and institutes of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) are nearby and provide access to an interdisciplinary network of research and innovation.

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Clarifying the remaining oranizational topics and onboarding of involved colleagues. We make you ready to get the most out the 3 months.


Getting to know the team and handing over the challenge. Let’s rock!