Case: Automated brief generation in public administration

How can we make it easier for attorneys to draft briefs for standard administrative proceedings?

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Legalease interface for generating a brief

Attorneys face many manual repetitive tasks.

Writing pleadings is the daily craft of attorneys. However, drafting pleadings for routine proceedings, such as asylum applications, building applications and breaches of official duty, is time-consuming. To do so, attorneys must search past pleadings by docket number and laboriously draft them themselves if unsuccessful.

However, many of these pleadings are repetitive and can be structured logically. This offers a high potential for automation.

A question-and-answer tree for automating knowledge.

With the developed digital solution "Legalease", users are provided with suitable text modules through a question-and-answer system. This saves lawyers the tedious search for documents, suitable templates and reduces the time required for drafting pleadings.

Our solution focuses on lawyers in the public sector who frequently handle routine proceedings. This includes especially lawyers in administrative law.

In essence, the software automates the creation of standardized documents in which text modules are provided based on logical relationships. Accordingly, the solution is relevant for all public agencies in which standard texts are used on a large scale.

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Portrait of Dr. Jörg Vogel, attorney general

“Our own manual workarounds reached their limits and we were drowning in repetitive tasks. We don’t have access to any IT resources. Thanks to intuitive text generator the team created, my team has more time for the important tasks. I’m inviting other departments of the administration to show the product and everyone wants to use it.”

Dr. Jörg Vogel

Attorney General

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Learnings & Benefit

It is important to remove or reduce obstacles in terms of effort or complexity for users.

Through interactive decision trees, complex schemas can be intuitively created and backed up with text modules.

Text modules are automatically inserted based on answers - resulting in a finished brief within minutes.

Guided document creation reduces errors and gives newcomers increased confidence in typesetting.

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