Case: Digitizing Patient Admissions in Healthcare with AI

How might we help care managers with the registration process of new patients?

So they can focus fully on what matters most: providing the best possible care for every patient.
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Team Caremates standing on stairsA screenshot of the prototype Caremates developed. There is a dashboard with patients and relevant categories listed.

CareMates is a beautiful example of a high-impact project in social care. DPS was approached by Caritas, Germany's largest welfare organization, with the question:

Wouldn't it be great if our care workers had more time to spend with patients?

Team CareMates took on this challenge and quickly identified the underlying problem:

Taking in new patients consumes a lot of time for care managers.

Documentation takes around 5 hours per patient and up to 25 hours per week.
The administrative burden of patient registration on care managers in an already overworked and stress-ridden healthcare environment leaves care managers with a high risk of mental health problems and sick days.
The combination of an overburdened workforce, a time-consuming patient intake process, and a projected growing demand for healthcare services calls for an efficient solution.

The solution: CareMates streamlines the admission process and improves patient care through digitalization and AI.

CareMates revolutionizes patient admissions by digitizing and streamlining the process, thus reducing the time spent by up to 80%.

For managers of care facilities, the software starts by digitally capturing patient data through a user-friendly questionnaire. From there, CareMates goes a step further by creating individualized care plans and cost estimates with just a single click.

Dylan, the PM from team Caremates, presenting results at the Final Product Review.
A portrait of Carmen Zeller

“It was interesting how fast the team understood the problem, and how fast they transformed the problem into solutions.”

Carmen Zeller

Manager Innovative Business Development in Social Work, Caritas

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Learnings & Benefit

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Efficiency through AI: Utilizing artificial intelligence in healthcare can significantly streamline administrative tasks and improve the efficiency of care.

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Dynamic Care is Essential: The ability to adjust care plans in real-time in response to changes in patients' health conditions is critical to providing personalized, high-quality care.

User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface enables healthcare providers to monitor the care trajectory of each patient more effectively.

What happens

CareMates was such a huge success that the team decided to continue with the project even after their time at DPS.

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