Revolutionize the mobility sector

How might we provide more efficient, sustainable, and safer means of transport?

Mobility is changing

The mobility sector is changing rapidly. Already, cars run on electricity or fuel cells. More engineers work on the car’s software than on its engine. And, in the future, many more cars and trucks will steer themselves through the traffic.

Start-ups are developing drones that will open up new possibilities for travel. People use e-bikes, cargo-bikes, and e-scooters. Companies are offering company bikes and mobility credits to their employees. New apps are emerging to find the best way to move from A to B through a variety of transport and travel operators.

How can a company keep up with these challenges? Or rather, how can it set the next trend and lead the development?

DPS can help you!

With its talents, infrastructure, and its methods of building digital products, it can assist companies to become leading innovators in the mobility sector.

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Partner benefits

At DPS, we empower the next generation of human-centered digital product makers. We build digital products to solve real user problems and we create new business opportunities.

As a partner of the Digital Product School, you will be matched with your own cross-functional product team who will work on your challenge for three months and develop an innovative digital product tailored to your needs.



A cross-functional team will work on your challenge for three months



An innovative digital product that solves your specific challenge



Access to high-class international talents



Access to a rich tech-ecosystem

You have a mobility-related challenge we can help to solve?

Success Stories

We have enabled and guided many teams on their innovation adventure:



How might we help the traffic planner to analyse and better plan changes in the delivery related infrastructure in Hamburg?

A web-app that provides accurate information about routes and parking hotspots of delivery vans implemented in an interactive city map.

Discover the story of Team ANT.SPOT


How might we motivate employees to cycle more?

A bike leasing platform for employees that offers subsidised bikes, bad-weather-options and motivational rewards.

Learn more about moovster


How might we alert car drivers about approaching cyclist when doing a right turn?

The world's first 5G bicycle bell: A digital bicycle bell that communicates in real - time with cars nearby and prevents collisions.

Learn more about MOSA

The Road to Success

The process of human-centered product development consists of four parts: GATHERING data and input about each challenge; DISCOVERING a user problem and creating a solution for it, LAUNCHING the product, and GROWING the business.

Together with our partner we start the process with the GATHERING PHASE and discuss the company's challenge. We collect the input of all involved persons or departments and frame the challenge into a “wouldn’t-it-be-great” question. Then, we form a team of talents who will solve that challenge.

That’s the starting point for the core success factor: the DISCOVERY PHASE. Autonomous and cross-functional teams of Product Managers, Agile Coaches, Interaction Designers, Software Engineers, and AI Engineers identify a user problem and build an innovative digital product that solves it. The process is powered by the best-in-class tools and methods from Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and agile product development. But they don't just develop the idea, they actually build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that they LAUNCH and test with real users in real life in order to gain insights and optimize it.

After three months, it's time to GROW: we support our partners in developing the product and business model and in taking it to market.


The Digital Hub Mobility and its Industry Partners

The Digital Product School is part of the Digital Hub Mobility . The Digital Hub Mobility connects companies from the mobility sector with tech-companies. These companies can set challenges for the teams at the Digital Product School. And they provide some of the team members for our so-called »Company Teams«. These teams work with talents like you to find out how far they can get within three months – all the while working lean and agile. Our partners also support the teams with technology, access to data and interview partners.

A unique location: The Munich Urban Colab

As part of the vibrant Munich Urban Colab the mobility ecosystem meets right here. Consisting of start-ups, enterprises, municipalities and many more enthusiasts they find answers to pressing mobility challenges.

Mobility items like a hybrid car, an e-cargo bike and train parts are part of the room. They can be involved in all projects and real life testings making it possible to get quicker and better solutions. This location provides the most modern infrastructure to explore new technologies and use them to build innovative products.

The Future Mobility Space is just the place to be in Munich!

Why Digital Product School

  • Experience

    14 Batches, 500 Talents 120 Teams

  • Expertise

    A core team of experts in their subjects

  • Ecosystem

    Part of Europe’s biggest entrepreneurship center

  • Independence

    UnternehmerTUM GmbH is a non-profit organization

  • Location

    The Munich Urban Colab as the palace where future mobility concepts are developed

  • Mission

    It’s our mission and passion to shape the world by solving the challenges of the future

  • Partners

    Connection to the mobility sector and beyond to enrich your innovative business model

  • Talents

    500 applications per batch. The best students and graduates want to join DPS.


Let’s tackle and solve your mobility-related challenge!